DM1000 Margaritaville Blender Review

I love a good margarita! Something about the tasty fruity flavors, bright colors, and tequila always makes me feel like I am sitting on a sunny beach somewhere, even if I am on the deck outside of my home with some close friends. Most of the frozen margaritas I have had at home with friends had been made in their kitchen blenders as a result the margarita drinks were not passing muster. The mix was off, the chunky ice made it watery after it melted or something else was just ‘off’. Enter the DM 1000 Margaritaville Blender an amazing machine that makes it simple to make the perfect margarita, even after you have had a few too many :)


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What to look for when buying a Margaritaville Drink Mixer

  • Is it actually a Margarita Blender Machine?
  • What do others say about it?
  • Does it live up to the claims made upon it?
  • Is it worth the investment?

If you buy a margaritaville blender maker based purely on price without first doing your homework you could easily end up disappointed. We don’t want this to happen to you so stick with me here and I will explain each of these regarding the DM1000 frozen drink mixer.

Is it actually a real margarita machine?

Some people (I was one of them) are under the impression that a margaritaville blender  machine is nothing more than a glorified kitchen blender. After researching this DM 1000 margarita  machine I realized how wrong I was. The DM 2000 is built from the ground up as a frozen margarita machine. The DM1000 has dual motors that first shaves (not chops) the ice so you won’t have any chunks of ice in your frozen margaritas. The second motor blends the mixture together resulting in a near perfect margarita every time. You don’t have to wonder how much ice to put in as this is all taken care of automatically. You add in your margarita mix and press start. If you want more or less ice you can manually add in more ice or blend it longer it’s all up to you.

What do others say about the DM1000?

I have looked all over the internet and have personally read over a hundred reviews given for this model and they are overwhelmingly positive. Most buyers are extremely happy with this drink mixer blender and I found only one real complaint worth mentioning. Several reviewers noted that although the container is deemed dishwasher safe they noticed a discoloration when placing the pitcher into the dishwasher. This does not seems to be a real problem as apparently the company will happily send you a new one free of charge if this happens to you. Here is a cut and paste snippet of an Amazon customer review for the DM1000 margarita machine.

5.0 out of 5 stars It’s not an appliance – It’s a life style!!, June 23, 2006 By T. Martin (Portland, OR United States) -This review is from: Margaritaville blender DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker (Kitchen) OK, If you can’t love this machine, your mother did you major damage in your formative years. I would suggest a trip to Dr. Phil for some intensive therapy. This machine produces the best shaved ice in the world. No mere blender can compete. You might say it is overpriced but you probably drive a Hyundai and tell people it is just as good as a BMW. Plus it comes with a great recipe book to help you change your latitude and change your attitude. I find myself humming boat songs about 4:30 every day! Ditch your therapist and buy one of these!

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Does it live up to the claims?

It sure seems to, I have not come across a single instance of anyone suggesting otherwise. Many people were fond of pointing out that they were able to make slurpees, snow cones, slush puppies, smoothies and other frozen concoctions with the DM1000. In short it seems to do exactly what they say it will do, make great frozen margaritas and more.

Is it worth the investment?

Most of the reviewers conceded that the DM 1000 frozen concoction maker was more than they wanted to pay for a frozen margarita machine, however this was almost always followed by them saying that after using it, they would spend the money again. The consensus here seems to be that in this case you do indeed get what you pay for. Checkout my other reviews for the rest of their lineup; DM0500 | DM900 | DM2000 | DM3000 Shooting Targets by

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