DM2000 Margaritaville Blender Review

I am a bit of a margarita connoisseur; something about them always makes me think of the beach and good times with friends. I enjoy writing reviews so I decided to do some research and get the inside scoop on what people are using to enjoy perfect margaritas without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

My research led me to the Margaritaville line of frozen concoction makers. I discovered these margarita mixing machines enjoy what could almost be considered a cult following. The DM2000 margaritaville blender is no exception, read on to see why.

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How To Chose A Margarita Blender

  • Is it a true margarita blender?
  • What do other owners say?
  • Does it live up to the hype?
  • Is it a PROVEN performer?

These are the question you should answer to ensure you get the perfect margarita machine for you and end up happy with your purchase. Hang with me here and I will show you how the DM2000 frozen concoction maker relates concerning the above questions.

Is It A True Margarita Blender?

The first thing I discovered in my research is that a margarita machine is much more than a glorified kitchen blender. Regular blenders ‘chop’ the ice resulting in blocky ice that can make your margaritas watery and difficult to drink.

The DM2000 has been designed from the start as a true margarita machine. This model has two motors the first of which shaves (not chops) the ice into the perfect consistency for a great margarita. The second motor then blends the shaved ice and margarita mix together. This margarita machine automatically ads in the correct amount of ice and as a result making a great margarita is push button simple.

What Do Other Owners Say?

I spent hours going over hundreds of reviews for the DM 2000 and the reviews are very positive. Most reviewers noted that they enjoy this models ability to make daiquiris, slides, (mudslides) or smoothies as well as margaritas. Many noted that the consistency of the ice was the best of any machine they had used. One complaint that seemed to turn up fairly often was that this is a BIG machine. Measuring in at 20x9x14 inches some noted that this counter space under kitchen cabinets can be an issue.

Below is a snippet of an actual customer review;

5.0 out of 5 stars Eliminates several other machines in your kitchen, August 9, 2007
By Jessica Reynolds(Round Rock, Texas United States)(REAL NAME)
This review is from: Margaritaville DM2000 Premium Frozen Concoction Maker (Kitchen)

We love our Margaritaville machine! It has eliminated two blenders and a snow cone maker in our own kitchen. No telling what more. My husband loves a good ‘rita, and I like to drink health shakes in the morning for breakfast. This machine is perfect for our needs.

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Does It Live Up To The Hype?

I would say this margarita machine lives up to the hype. Many buyers noted the construction and overall fit and finish of this unit as very high. I did not see any indication of buyers feeling they had been misled by the claims made by the manufacturer. Many users reported that they found many additional uses for the unit such as making fitness drinks, hush puppies, snow cones and other frozen drinks with ease.

Is It A PROVEN Performer?

I found reviews for this margarita mixer going back to 2007 this model has been out for some time and enjoys an established track record. With a new product there are often few reviews that can establish the durability of a product, that’s not the case here.

If you are interested in the other models of Margaritaville blenders be sure to see my other reviews.

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